Stimulating the Potential of the Brain child

Merangsang Potensi Otak anak - tingkat kecerdasan
encountered a lot of children who have been hours reading notes or textbooks to school but none can dihapalnya sentence. There is also a visible sat calm (quiet but notice) in class listening to teachers' explanations, but after finishing the lesson there is no recall at all that explained everything from the beginning was the teacher. if the child was really stupid?
Study Tips - Intelligence children
why can happen like that? One is because learning the wrong way on the child. According to Bobby Hartanto, M. Psi, an expert in the field of human resources, many teachers and parents who do not understand the child's learning style.
"Some people are easier to remember when learning materials provided through the pictures, there are also more like to listen to, and there's a passing movement. Beda learning styles, different well stimulation," he said in a seminar on child growth held by the Frisian flag in Jakarta (22 / 7).
For children who have auditory learning styles, children old enough to catch the lesson by listening to teacher explanations. But children need the type of visual display pictures. In contrast with the child's kinesthetic types that require movement or palpation.
"Actually it would be better if all aspects are used. Because the more varitif way, the easier child to remember material presented," he explained.
Another thing to note is the parents and educators understand how the brain works. "The human brain loves color and image. That's why a picture will be significantly more than 1000 words," he explained.
To convey a message or a specific value, Bobby suggested that given in the form of posters and colorful picture. For example to convey about the culture of queuing, honesty, and so forth.
Research shows, someone who is good stimulation, the brain more closely than people who rarely stimulated. "Density is related to the added connections between brain cells," says Bobby.
The formation of new habits will form new connections, while the repetition of the old cell will strengthen the connection. "Give children a variety of stimulation and do repetitions as often as possible in order to continue to form connections between brain cells," he said.
Certainly no less important to create an enjoyable learning atmosphere and does not cause stress in children. Do it outside of the classroom learning activities, group discussions, games interesting, and many other ways that can dig interests of the children.

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