Eating fast food frequently would make people lose patience

Researchers from University of Toronto recruited 57 college students for volunteers, they were asked to see six common signs of fast food restaurants on the screen such as the McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Taco Bell and Wendy. Researchers believed that even the volunteer did not need to instantly identify the names of these restaurants, but they should be affected subconsciously. The researchers found that after watching the signs, the speed of reading the articles significantly faster. In addition, they tend to choose products that can save time such as triple skin care products, rather than a set of bottles and jars. The researchers also gave a multiple-choice question for volunteers: are you willing to get a small amount of money immediately or wait a week to get more money? The responses of volunteers proved once again their guess: most people like to choose immediate interest.

Daily Mail have quoted the words of the researchers that people now lived in the environment filled with fast food, which would affect the subconscious mind and make people rush. They concluded: "The results show that fast food contains the unconscious goal of saving time, which often makes people lose patience mentality. The mind full of fast food can make people increase preferences awareness of saving time product, more surprising, we found that only the signs of fast-food restaurants contain the aspirations of saving, so they want immediate interests rather than on long-term gains, which would cause them economic damage." Researchers Sanford Des from University of Toronto said: "You will often see fast-food ads periodically exposed every day, which will generate long-term impact on you. When I sat in a fast food shop, I found even if nothing else to do, I will still swallow Hamburg at hand with incredible speed."

Another researcher said the fast food represents a saving-time culture and immediate satisfaction. The question is, whether the time is a problem, people will be active by time saving goal under exposure to the fast food environment. A friend called Bob leaved a message on the Daily Mail website that every time I queue up to buy hamburger, I'm always impatient.

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