Factors that inhibit learning

There are many factors that inhibit learning they are:
1. When students are given sufficient time but can not use that time well then he will have problems in learning.
2. Classical teaching is done less attention to individual differences of students, because of the large number of people (students) are obliged to follow the lessons in this beloved country of Indonesia. In Indonesia, this is not possible be fulfilled because of limited facilities required and other limitations.
3. The weakness is the lack of teaching efforts of teachers to give attention to this individual are different, so it is always a lot of number of students - students who do not achieve full mastery. When the instruction given by teachers without a purpose and everything is based on rote without understanding just outside the head that would benefit the child, it can result in the spirit of learning children will become weak.
4. A stern teacher so that students become tense or frightened and can be fatal for the development of students' souls. Ensures students can not learn well.
5. Schools were also too much emphasize order and success is not reasonable (and even smells of intimidation to students), which can cause barriers to learning.
6. Lack of learning tools, inadequate laboratories, the less comfortable classes, lessons less supportive.
7. Teaching materials that do not fit with the abilities of students can hinder learning, meaning learning materials that are too difficult, and vice versa teaching materials that are too easy. Teaching materials that are too difficult can inhibit the ability of understanding or the assignment of lessons. Material that is too easy to slide less attractive and tend to result in underestimated students, who eventually not controlled.
8. Lack of parental control, may cause the failure of student learning, because even though most students already have the desire to stand on their own lack of oversight could lead to a tendency does not mean that inhibit or suppress, but the push towards self-awareness.
9. Community environment may be inhibiting student learning, when students in the community less willing to associate control interaction (not able to select and sort them).
10. Students may also use his time for many things - things are not important, such as recreation that is not too often, have no friends to learn together, students do not / have less interest, but their interest is a statement of a person happy or unhappy about something.

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